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Our Mission

Letting us help you turn your idea into a finished project. JW Racing & Fabrication for years has been specializing in Roll Cages, custom welding, exhaust systems, both lift and lowering kits, and sheet metal fabrication for both race and off road applications.

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  • - Roll Cages
  • - Chassis Work
  • - Carbon Fiber Interiors
  • - Custom Exhaust and Headers
  • - Lift & Lowering Kits
  • - Sheetmetal Fabrication
  • - Mig & Tig Welding
  • - Nitrous Installations
  • - SFI Specification 25.5, 25.3, 25.2 Cages
  • - Narrow Rear Ends
  • - Backhalf/ Ladder Bar, 4 Link
  • - Turbo & Supercharger Plumbing and Installs
  • - Intercooler Plumbing and Installs


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Had a great time at Cecil.. Back to work tomorrow...

Posted 6 hours, 41 minutes ago

Al TorresWhat are u lookin at?5 hours, 38 minutes ago

JW Racing and FabricationDrive with my eyes closed..5 hours, 35 minutes ago

Al TorresLol, Blow up the pic n ure looking dwn n to ure left5 hours, 35 minutes ago

JW Racing and FabricationGot me...5 hours, 29 minutes ago

Al TorresLol5 hours, 28 minutes ago

Andrew DeMarcoYou checking your watch when to head back to the shop to get work done lol5 hours, 1 minute ago

JW Racing and FabricationLol5 hours ago

Tom MauroGood seeing you and your Dad4 hours, 48 minutes ago

JW Racing and FabricationYa you too.4 hours, 20 minutes ago

Glen N Donna FernandezWhat a awesome time !2 hours, 54 minutes ago

At YellowBullet Nationals.

Posted 3 days, 11 hours ago

Michael Meneogood luck3 days, 6 hours ago

Andrew DeMarcoGood luck guys3 days, 6 hours ago

Sean Lyddynice3 days, 4 hours ago

Nick SalernoGlad to see timmys car out2 days, 17 hours ago

JW Racing and Fabrication added 4 photos.

Nice truck we just finished....

Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Nicolo DecaroJoe it looks awesome dude !!2 weeks, 4 days ago

JW Racing and Fabrication added 6 photos.

2014 C7 Roll bar that we just finished....

Posted 1 month ago

James WaughAwesome work as always!1 month ago

Toby KnappGlad to see you didn't weld yourself inside . Brilliant work as only you can do1 month ago

Toby KnappVery sneaky too1 month ago

Andy FiedlerReady for Fri joe1 month ago

Donald KinderYou guys do really nice work there. We will be turning that car up more next week.1 month ago

Nick DiBenedettoNice Don,very clean install.1 month ago

Mike MunckU guys are truly artist1 month ago

Frank MadarMatthew Hauffe1 month ago

Andrew SchwarzVery nice!1 month ago

Sammy PadillaGood work as always Joe1 month ago

7.50 cage done, certified and ready to go....

Posted 1 month ago

Gary HoughtalingLooks like a chore to get into ! Lol1 month ago

David Carteryea your sick...lol1 month ago

Paul FerrucciNice.hows the c7 comin?1 month ago

JW Racing and FabricationIts done. Waiting on harness. Will post pics next week..1 month ago

Chris GouxAwesome work guys , gonna look hot when complete...1 month ago

In for one of our bars..

Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Toby KnappI'll be by1 month, 2 weeks ago

Paul FerrucciJamies dads vette...nice1 month, 2 weeks ago

Scott Scottiewheels MacdonaldLove Jamie's dad's car !!1 month, 2 weeks ago

JW Racing and Fabrication added a new photo.

Posted 1 month, 4 weeks ago

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